Software Development: Top Strong Sides of Outsourcing IT to Ukraine

Strong sides of software development outsourcing to UASoftware development may prove quite challenging at times. Practically any IT company has experienced lack of talents or resources at some point, thus IT outsourcing was born as an industry and tends to continuously evolve and grow in size. One may outsource software development and such a decision seems like a rational choice, and even giants as Microsoft and Google partly outsource numerous processes.

Many software outsourcing companies in USA provide excellent services of great quality however the price for such services tends to be really high and the dilemma grows as any software outsourcing company from Asia will do the same work for way less, however the quality of such offshore outsourcing solutions will remain doubtful and may blow up with tons of unexpected investments during the maintenance stage or the entire project will require re-work from scratch. That is why numerous American and Western European IT and software companies turn their sight on Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular.

Why choose a Ukrainian software outsourcing company?

All of you must remember the big bad wolf of communism – the USSR. Their industrial war with the US has caused tremendous growth of engineering clusters overfilled with talented scientists, mechanics and etc. Ukraine was one of such clusters and maintained this position up until now, thus birth was given to many skilled and ambiguous developers and testers, thus making Outsourcing to Ukraine both relatively inexpensive and received solutions from numerous software developments are of truly high quality standards. Simply consider the following factors that really matter to outsourcing development:

  • As mentioned above, Ukraine is historically an advanced technological cluster. Technical and IT education are amongst most popular, valued and respected areas of the entire educational system. Around 70% of all higher education degrees in Ukraine are actually given in such fields as science, mathematics, IT and engineering. This gave a great push to software development in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine has put developers and programmers in an interesting environment where they are forced to constantly update their skills and evolve professionally. This has led to Ukrainian developers possessing the 4-th place in a research that showed world’s highest developer certification amounts. Thus, if you are considering outsourcing programing and software development, Ukraine does seem like one of few available rational choices.
  • Ukraine is still geographically located between Europe and Asia thus developers and companies that provide offshoring software development have access to numerous resources at compatible rates and prices, ultimately transforming Ukraine and its outsourcing companies into the ultimate combination of price and quality.