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Custom software vs Off-the-shelf products

There exists two general categories of software. One of them is off-the-shelf product which is ready-to-use once you install it your computer or device and the other one is software developed according to your specification and requirements. There is a vast gap between the two with respect to usability, functionality and performance. A short survey of the main differences between these two types can assist while deciding which one to choose:

Cost: One of the core differences is the cost. Any off-the-shelf product is typically moderately priced whereas a tailored product will be rather expensive to develop. The logic is easy-to-understand – all expenses related to development of the off-the-shelf product are dispersed among a large number of buyers and thus the pricing is spread over multiple licenses that will be sold. On the other hand, customized software product is made for a single customer and consequently all development expenses will be borne by one entity. One may suggest that if an off-the-shelf software product can adequately replace an expensive solution, why would anyone opt for customized development?

Generic build: The reply to the above question is obvious. Any off-the-shelf product is designed for vast audience. Thus software development team needs provide a set design and predefined framework. As the solution is ready-to-use it may not meet all requirements of all companies. Typically an organization will need some fine tuning to implement or deploy an off-the-shelf product. This drawback is the biggest advantage when dealing with customized software. Customized software congregates all legacy processes and creates an electronic framework for their automation. The peculiarity is that processes are not changed at all and typically people get used to it in a glance. Customized software possesses significant flexibility to enable organization itself to administer and fine tune it for top performance.

Updates: If you have off-the-shelf products you will also have off-the-shelf updates. Every time an off-the-shelf software is revised you will need to dip into your pocket for product update. On the other hand, sometimes off-the-shelf products are not updated for a long period of time so it turns out that you use an outdated software which may have negative impact on your business. Customized software updates are done by request and according to requirements and depend on company budget.

Of course, if people decide to purchase off-the-shelf software it’s not always a matter of cost and flexibility. There are lots of advantages which accumulate while using an off-the-shelf product as well. First of all it enables quick automation. The product undergoes thorough pre-sale testing while bugs in customized software often fixed in the course of run. Many off-the-shelf products guarantee repayment in case if software doesn’t meet your needs. Off-the-shelf software turns out to be the safest investment. Which can not be said about customized software!

So which one of them is up to you to decide. However, warned means armed – you possess the above information and can make rational decision to get the best solution and most benefits for you or your company.

There is a vast gap between custom software and off-the-shelf products.