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Custom Software Development Makes Economical Sense for Extranets

Custom Software Development makes economical sense for Extranets

Some twenty years ago most of companies all over the world had no other option than to use custom developed software. Custom Software developed for individual use provided the sole means for mapping and automation of business processes. Large-scale IT teams usually were hard to cope with development of customized software for business users. But that all was before software outsourcing appeared.

Then came the time of off-the-shelf enterprise solutions such as SAP, Peoplesoft, Baan, Oracle and corporate IT began to spin up. Shared databases and data view in real-time-mode became the hip words for any company. Legacy custom developed softwares became obsolete and were soon moved to trash and from now on the long and painful implementations began. We are not going to dispute about Custom Software versus Enterprise Applications – it’s not our goal.

As an alternative we would like to investigate why in some cases it is worth considering custom software solutions in the current situation specially to expand enterprise to channel partners such as distributors, dealers, service centers etc.

As an example we will take the implementation of MySAP Call Center which would replace replace the legacy software solution at TipCom. TipCom operated a 12 seater distributed call center based on a custom software solution. At that moment the software was developed by a sole member team and completely met all customer’s requirements. The single drawback was that custom software utilized distributed databases. In 2002 TipCom wanted to find out the possibility of switching to MySAP to manage the Call Center. There is no clear information as for undertaken researches but we can say for sure that the deep usability analysis was neglected.

Nevertheless, MySAP was successfully deployed!

Several months later one assessed the efficiency and cost benefits of solution. Then came a shock. Find out yourself why:

  • - A simple call required excessive time to be handled in MySAP compared to custom software solution
  • - System was so elaborated that it required long and costly training of personnel
  • - The call center required leased line connection thus increasing its general costs
  • - For smooth operation the call center required backup power and backup connection since in case of power or link failure system stopped working
  • - Operator screens were that cluttered that they needed new bigger monitors and redesign of workstations
  • - Some of required reports were not available or were hard to configure
  • - Nothing to say about license cost. To sum everything up we have exorbitant costs just for one attainment – real time operating mode!
  • - And don’t forget this is all for one 10 seat call center.

Is there any option? Of course, a simple custom software solution can save TipCom thousands of dollars every year.

One more last question. What about the synchronization with SAP? It is also solvable: just write some code and expose some methods to draw data from third party applications.

The technology strides forward and now it is possible to extend corporate ERP to partners via third party custom software without heavy overheads and thus significantly reduce TCO.

In some cases it is worth considering custom software solutions in the current context specially to expand enterprise to partners.