Custom Software for Your Enterprise

If you develop your own corporate strategy for mobile computing, you will certainly find that there is no off-the-shelf commercial software that will meet all your company’s needs. There may be several reasons for that:

  • - Your business or processes are rather uncommon that only a custom solution will suit you.
  • - Your legacy custom software needs a mobile duplicate.
  • - The software you long for is unavailable as off-the-shelf solution.
  • - The functionality of mobile integration is not provided in your software solution.

If any of these situations looks familiar to you then there would be more obstacles on your way to enterprise mobility. But no despair, it’s still worth it. Before considering what it will take to initiate a custom project, we should view the common trends in enterprise mobile computing.

Industry trends

Its common truth that nobody wants to be the pioneer in trying a new technology. Companies want to have tried and true products and proven technology. Lots of companies assess the actions of their rivals in the sphere of mobile computing and the way they do it. Often companies launch hidden projects to try technology internally without letting know the competitors.

Besides, “mobile” is often confused with “wireless” because of the fact that most mobile deployments to date were just a thin-client or Web-based applications. Mobile architectural model requires prevalent, fast, and reliable wireless connectivity. Considering the multiple recorded facts of issues regarding performance, reliability, and usability of these types of systems people just should wait the deployment of high-speed wireless data networks.

While for efficient operation plenty of modern mobile solutions require constant wireless connectivity, there exist other architectures that can leverage the computing power of contemporary Windows Mobile devices. .NET and the Compact Framework provide us with incredible tools for mobile software development that can by far enhance these devices. If you will be able to grasp the true multi functionality of these devices you will find lots of opportunities of using them businesses.

Options of development

One of most inexpensive ways to develop custom software is to create it yourself using Visual CE. It’s the most cost efficient strategy, but not everyone can do it. Some people may not cope with the programming task. You can easily and quickly develop simple data-driven applications but remember that such simplicity implies the lack of functionalities. You can’t get the same result as when using a powerful development environment. So, it’s not all needs that can be covered by this approach.

Also you may try to establish an internal software development team to implement the system. But keep in mind that your development team will probably need to adjust their user interface design practices, usability/reliability standards, and overall architectural assumptions. To make the transition to mobile software development more painless, you may consider engaging seasoned consultants and/or mobile software developers to assess your needs, create a strategy and system design, and only then your in-house software developers will code and support the system.

Ultimately, you outsource your project entirely. Some development companies build software directly from a formal specifications document, while others will assist the customer in evaluation of needs to develop requirements and specifications. Some companies dedicate themselves to conducting of Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, feasibility studies, and usability research, while other companies just do what they best can – write great software. You will find lots of discrepancies in the cost and quality of work done, so it really worth holding your own research to know for sure what you need, and scrutinize as many companies as you can find.

Other options

If you need a special software in order to use mobile computing technology in your business, you can find other options but simply develop the custom software. You can collaborate with other companies in your industry willing to purchase the one, and find software development firms who will develop it.

But very few development companies venture to invest into innovative markets. On the other hand, these companies will willingly develop this software if a company, or group of companies, propose to fund the development expenses.

Finding mobile developers

But where to find a software consulting or custom development companies exclusively dedicated to mobile computing and Pocket PC technologies? You may try to surf through the Internet where you can search for developers based on technical experience, size of the company, hourly rates, geographical location, etc. You can also post you project on specialized sites and let software development companies make their proposals.

Mobility as a strategy

Irrespective of the industry you’re in, you are always seek to enhance your competition. Mobile computing technology can provide those wanted competitive advantages, but not all people understand how Windows Mobile devices can enhance their business.

You have to understand all facets of an application, sometimes even beyond its basic functionality. Then you will realize how it can stimulate employees to better, faster, and more efficient work. Mobile computing technology can revolutionize all spheres of business world from distributors to waitresses.

Include a mobile technology to your development strategy, does not matter whether you use commercial or custom software, and soon you will experience how mobility can brighten your company’s bottom line and future success.

No off-the-shelf commercial software meets your needs, Your business is rather uncommon that only a custom solution will suit you.